Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore’s newest single dropping on March 24th, 2023 “Holding All My Love” is a modern throwback to the 90’s r&b/pop/dance sound. Stylish, slick, bold with compelling textures topped off by the radiantly beautiful, soulful voice of Anna Moore. Her emotion is intertwined perfectly with Mike’s jazzy-pop groove which will remind many of us of the vibes that we grew up on.

“Holding All My Love” shows off some gorgeous grooves and this perfect pairing of Mike Di Lorenzo and Anna Moore deliver a woozy, wild, and wonderful trip retaining an experimental edge within the poppy nature which works perfectly as a framing device. Mike recalls a bit of St. Germain’s stylishness and effortless timelessness with love pouring out of every single nook and cranny, largely thanks to Anna Moore’s emotional vocalizations and lyricism.”

A throwback vibe, that it’s every bit as relevant now as it ever was, recalling the likes of Lisa Stansfield or even CeCe Peniston. You could cite other names like Sophie B. Hawkins, Vanessa Williams, or even a titan of the industry like Madonna herself when it comes to Anna’s vocals just past the 2:10 mark when she leans in to whisper to ya.

Anna and Mike are keeping excellent company with a timeless sound that people still love to this very day.

Mike’s most recent 2022 album “What We Need” also featured contemporary R&B artist Anna Moore, whose sultry vocal styling can be heard on the title track and other songs along with world-class pop singer and media sensation Sonna Rele, Multi-Grammy Award-winning artist Joel Kibble of the vocal group Take 6 along with exceptional contributions from vocalists Denise Stewart, CaiNo with Frank Elmo on saxophone. The album has placed up to 4 tracks in the top ten Smooth Jazz Global Listener Countdown (the world’s only smooth jazz singles chart decided by listeners) including the title track sitting at #1 for 3 consecutive weeks.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Mike Di Lorenzo w/Anna Moore
Song Title: Holding All My Love
Publishing: Mike Di Lorenzo
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Publishing 2: EarlyAMMusic
Publishing Affiliation 2: ASCAP
Album Title: Holding All My Love
Record Label: KeepTheGroove