Midwest Nebraska, U.S.A. resident till 2005, now living in Austin, Texas. Has been into the writing and composing songs for about 17 years, writing plays and books since 2014 plays guitars trombone, keyboards and bass as well as lead singer and harmonies at times. started writing after being inspired by listening to a transistor radio that his grandpa bought him for birthday present. It was many sounds and groups that helped shape the sound of this artist and he is proud to say so, Pink Floyd among them and rex smith and Loverboy Van Halen , Ozzie Osborne, goo goo dolls, John Cougar Mellencamp and blondie. writing in places like treetops roofs and old cement buildings holding much corn, he tries to sing the true grit of the American dream and the struggles that come along the way with love life sex and fantasy older cars and movie themes. He was not trying to revive the retro sounds but it just sort of happened along the path that some of them turned out that way. The artist is original and not one song really sounds like another, or someone else’s sound, and he prides himself on that fact, just take a listen and you’ll see for yourself, he’s the real deal. Some production efforts by wicker progress music FL recorded in Nashville tn. watch for tour details soon in 2021 and beyond, A new music game is planned for some of the songs also and should be out on the website soon.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Jamie Gazelle w/Amanda Rose
Song Title: I Wanna Dance With You
Publishing: Song Puzzle Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: More
Record Label: GgiX

Record Label:
Scott Post
Radio Promotion:
Loggins Promotion
Paul Loggins
Chris Keaton Ventures Music
Chris Keaton
Chris Keaton Ventures Music
Chris Keaton