Alyson Tracy is a seasoned country music entertainer from New Hampshire, now living in Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her music career. Growing up in the desert of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with the Red Sea as her playground, It is here where her love for singing and performing was born. She has since been focusing on her solo career, performing a mix of new and traditional country music in and around Nashville & in New England from time to time. Influenced by Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood, Alyson has always been known for her high energy performances and ability to connect with her audience.

In ” Doin’ My Own Thing”, Alyson sings that “some girls just can’t be good, but I’m not as bad as you think, I’m just doing my own thing.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Alyson Tracy
Song Title: Doin’ My Own Thing
Publishing: Alyson Tracy
Publishing Affiliation: Other
Publishing 2: SSM Publishing
Publishing Affiliation 2: Other
Album Title: Doin’ My Own Thing
Record Label: Twelve Seventeen

Record Label:
Twelve Seventeen
Cailsey Scott
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Alan Young Promotions
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