Bringing a fresh new wave of “Music for the soul”, Pamela Jackson started as a church musician at the young age of 10 years and has been writing gospel music since the age of 12. Perfecting her craft in her music style, which she likes to describe as Christian with a jazz and soul feel, Pamela has crossed the horizon to find the sound that suits her best. She has been a music writer for the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc., since 2000. At the age of 26, Pamela has earned a staunch and reputed name in the industry, with her unique music style and perfect understanding of sound and rhythm, which flows smoothly in the songs she creates. Her first released track was “My Everything” with the GMWA Youth choir. With her music being featured on the local television broadcast, Pamela is paving her steady but stern way to success. For her, God is the constant source of inspiration that guides her through the darkness and helps her move forward. When it comes to music, she is influenced by Aretha Franklin’s gospel and Marvin Gaye’s prolific messages of social justice and reform. She has written for some of the finest gospel artists including Carolyn Traylor and Melba Moore. Her beloved mother and grandmother acted as a force that pushed her more towards her love for making music. Through her music, Pamela wants to inspire and motivate people, and help them ease their pain. She wants to spread love and positivity, which is also evident through her social media handles like Instagram, where she is constantly spreading positive vibes via different posts. With her soft yet confident steps towards the victory, Pamela is sure to make her mark in the musical industry with her latest single “All We Need Is Love.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Pamela Jackson
Song Title: All We Need Is Love
Publishing: Pamela Jackson
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: All We Need Is Love
Record Label: Alemap Music

Record Label:
Alemap Music, Inc.
Pamela Jackson