What do you call a woman who can bring home the bacon, lead a family of girls into womanhood, whip up dinner and a song in the same night, and raise up others while still looking like she stepped out of a magazine? A Superstar. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Monique McCall.

After a tumultuous year of living through Personal Loss, Long Hauls, and new beginnings, Monique McCall is back with a new song and message for her fans and friends. “Livin'”, Monique’s new single showcases Monique’s powerful voice in ways unexpressed before. Co-Written and Produced by Grammy Winner Skidd Mills, Monique pays homage to powerhouse female vocalists of the past, letting the world know she has arrived ready to live and love again.
In addition to working on her forthcoming LP release “Denim and Pearls”, Monique is also featured in her new podcast “Living and Loving with Monique McCall”, dedicated to discussing mental health, fortitude, and the importance of Living and Loving life.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Monique McCall
Song Title: 2nd Chance
Publishing: Living & Loving
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: 2nd Chance
Record Label: WorldSound/InGrooves/UMG

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