Michael Owens

“This Time For You”

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Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN

Album Title: This Time For You

Record Label: Michael Owens Music


With this release to radio, Michael hopes to build on the success of past releases such as Lady, Oh My Lady, Something To Sing About, and to a lesser extent Peace of Mind. Lyrics for This Time For You were inspired by the story of Calgary based blues/gospel singer Christine Davis. Christine was an up and coming vocalist when her world was tragically turned upside down. In 2008, she was involved in a horrific traffic accident that left her paralyzed and unable to walk. Over the subsequent years, due to her decreased mobility, she gained a lot of weight and lost the will to do anything.

However, she persevered, and after seven years of rehab and aqua-size, her ability to walk gradually returned. Finally, she returned to the stage for the first time since the accident, at Michaels Canada 150 celebration in 2017. Out of 15 bands that performed at that event, she was the crowd favorite. Michael became a huge fan too and used his industry connections to secure Christine a spot as a featured artist on a syndicated radio show. Suddenly, things were starting to fall in place for Christine. So much so, that Michael wrote this song based on her inspirational story of perseverance.

Michael has fronted numerous rock acts, and performed all across Canada. He studied vocals at the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music under Ian Garrett (who also coached Shania Twain), and received invaluable mentorship from Van Louis (founding vocalist of the original Stampeders) and 5 TIME JUNO NOMINEE PRODUCER / JUNO AWARD WINNER Mel Shaw

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